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Magic Drops (Car Crystal Refill)

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Never run out of your favorite air freshener! Save the planet (and your wallet) when you refill instead of replace.

What makes them Magic? Magic Drops aren't just for Car Crystals! Use them in a reed diffuser, add a few drops to your toilet bowl, or freshen up your garbage disposal in an instant! The possibilities are endless!

Directions: Unscrew the wooden cap of your Car Crystal Use the dropper to draw fragrance out of the bottle and into the crystal. Replace cap tightly. Wash hands or use gloves to avoid skin irritation. 

Size: 1 oz- Refills 4.5 Car Crystals!


Fragrance Options:

Ruby- The red car crystal is scented with our signature Amour scent. Amour is a modern floral with notes of red roses, green leaves, and fresh air.

Quartz- The pink crystal is Sea Salt Orchid scented. It is a very feminine, light floral. Top notes of ozone and sea salt blend with a heart of orchids and freesia, settled atop a base of tonka bean. 

Amethyst-The purple crystal is Cashmere Plum scented, a very popular fragrance from the Fall collection. It has notes of sweet plum and cozy cashmere. 

Aquamarine- The light blue crystal is Stormy Night scented. It is our best selling scent with notes of freshly fallen rain, ozone, and light musk.

Sapphire-The dark blue crystal is Laundry Day scented with odor eliminating properties. It smells like a fresh load of laundry, with notes of airy ozone, cotton, and powder.

Peridot-The green crystal is White Tea scented. A luxurious spa scent with fresh notes of lemongrass, bergamot, ginger, jasmine, and white tea leaves. 

Citrine- The yellow crystal is Sunshine Citrus scented. It is a very fresh citrus scent with notes of tangerine, lemon zest, and agave nectar. Some say this is a dupe for the Volcano candle.

Custom- Select any scent from the website and leave a note at checkout!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shelby Posen

Magic Drops (Car Crystal Refill)

Alisha Payne
Smells heavenly but not strong!

I have been slowly making the transition to toxic free products and when I came across this recommendation on TikTok, I had to give it a try! It smells heavenly but not strong, and does not give me a headache like a lot of synthetic Fragrance do, but one thing I was not satisfied with was the fact that I was not given the 10% discount using the code Karly10 as stated to use from the TikTok creator’s storefront as advertised, so be careful of that! Other than that, I intend on being a repeat customer to Fate Beauty for their nontoxic products but I will be ordering directly from them.

Ansley Stewart
Love these!

So happy with the quantity and scent that I got. The white tea scent is hands down the best! This was a different scent than i original had in my air freshener and the scents didn't mix and smell weird when reusing the same wooden top. Highly recommend.

Smells amazing!

I ordered an air fresheners for my vehicle in September 2022 and its almost out now & its the end of march 2023. They last a long time & smell so clean and fresh! I also like that you offer refills! No waste.

Karli Christenson

I love this product! It’s exactly what I wanted. The smell is amazing!